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Every Thursday, a group of folks working on the ChRIS project meet to share their status for working on the project. There are often useful discussions about development and planning and demos during these meetings. This is a simple site set up to log the meeting minutes of those meetings for posterity. It is driven via the repository.

Photo of ChRIS developers in a conference room with laptops hacking on code


09 April status

Sandip Status

4 April status - GPU troubleshooting, more node parameter UI, and a website for ChRIS

Sandeep, Parul, and Rudolph talked about errors Sandeep was hitting with GPU code, Gideon demoed the latest iteration of the node parameter UI, and Rudolph discussed setting up a new...

26 March Status - Node parameter UI demo

Gideon showed us his updates to the node parameter entry UI based on the discussion we had during the last time he demoed it. Sandeep, Parul, and Rudolph planned an...

19 March Status - ChRIS admin panel demo

Jorge walked us through a demo of the ChRIS admin panel to register plugins to ChRIS from the ChRIS store.

12 March Status - Node config UI Demo + pacsquery UI demo

Gideon has a working demo for the node config UI, so we walked through it and discussed it. Then, Rudolph gave us a demo of the pacsquery UI he has...

05 March Status - Async task queue for cube and more fsplugin UX discussion

We went through everyone’s status, and The main items of discussion during this meeting were the new asynchronous task queue Jorge developed and further work needed for the frontend handling...

27 Feb Status - More Hackathon planning and fsplugin UX discussion

The two major discussions we had during this meeting beyond the usual status reports was Hackathon planning, how to integrate fsplugins in the ChRIS UI, and Jorge’s implementation of an...

06 Feb Status - Hackathon, Swift, and node parameter UI

The main items of discussion during this meeting were using the fnndsc.childrens server for the hackathon and making it more persistent, optimizing file ops that occur within swift, and the...

30 Jan Status - Local file upload in web UI

The main item of discussion during this meeting was Gideon’s demo of the web ui which is now enabled to handle local file uploads into ChRIS.

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