Get ChRIS Running

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Time to run ChRIS!

In this tutorial, you'll get ChRIS up and running on your laptop or workstation. Use these instructions to play around with it, or to get started setting up a development environment so you can start working on it.


Have docker-compose version 2.6 or later installed and working on a Linux system. WSL 2 on Windows and Docker Desktop for Mac also work, however for optimal performance, we strongly encourage you to run Linux natively.

At least 8GB RAM and 20GB disk space is recommended. Docker Desktop users should make sure that the Linux VM has 8GB memory or more allocated to it.

Installing Docker on Linux

  1. Install Docker Engine by following the "server" installation guide for your Linux distro.
  2. Add your user account to the docker group as instructed by the post-installation steps.

Get ChRIS up and running

Please check out miniChRIS, a complete ChRIS distribution for local testing purposes. Follow the instructions in the file to get ChRIS running on your computer.

What's Next?

Ready to start hacking away?